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Molar Mass Molar Mass 0.4
This is a molar mass calculator that calculates the molar mass of a molecule based on the formula entered in the input field.
DNA Molar Converter Widget DNA Molar Converter Widget 1.2
The DNA Molar Converter widget is a Dashboard widget that allows to perform molar conversions for nucleic acids according to size.
Protein Molar Converter Widget Protein Molar Converter Widget 1.1
The Protein Molar Converter widget allows to perform molar conversions for proteins according to size.
Fraction Fusion Fraction Fusion 2.1
Fraction Fusion teaches and reviews fraction concepts to middle elementary-aged students.
Fraction Shape-Up Fraction Shape-Up 1.00
Interactive software that helps students understand and work with fractions.
FractionAction FractionAction 0.9
FractionAction will do the following: reduce fractions; fraction arithmetic; decimal to/from fraction conversions with periodic (repeating) digits displayed; fraction to/from continued fraction conversions for common fractions and fractions with simple square roots.
Fraction Fonts Fraction Fonts 2.0
Fraction Fonts are a handy way for Mac-based Desktop Publishers to add the most commonly used fractions to their documents.
Fraction Squares Fraction Squares 1.0
Fraction Squares shows a series of 160 pre-set drawings.
Abilities Builder Fraction Facts Abilities Builder Fraction Facts 3.5
Build fraction reducing and simplifying skills for simple to complex problems.
CASC concentration calculator CASC concentration calculator
CASC calculates recipes for solution preparation and converts concentrations

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