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Mihov ASCII Master Mihov ASCII Master 2.0
Show ASCII value of any key pressed in decimal or hex!
Mihov Picture Downloader Mihov Picture Downloader 1.5
The program downloads all the pictures from a web site instantly!
Mihov EXIF Renamer Mihov EXIF Renamer 3.0
Extracts the photo capture time and puts it into the image file name.
Mihov Website Merger Mihov Website Merger 0.5
Mihov Website Merger is a program for merging parts of websites together.
Mihov NSIS Helper Mihov NSIS Helper 3.3
Mihov NSIS Helper is a program for creating of script files for Nullsoft NSIS.
Mihov Program No 14 Mihov Program No 14 0.6
Add custom text to each line of your document and save it for the web
Mihov Gallery Creator Mihov Gallery Creator 0.9.2
Create and upload image galleries with thumbnails!
Mihov Info Saver Mihov Info Saver 0.3
Store your text info to your clipboard and access it even after restart.
Mihov Mail Sender Mihov Mail Sender 0.8
Send the same e-mail to more people and let them think they are the only one!
Mihov Background Tester Mihov Background Tester 0.6
Test image files and see how they would look as tiled background

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