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Game Speed Adjuster Game Speed Adjuster 1.0
Game Speed Adjuster can adjust application or game speed.
CachemanXP CachemanXP 2.20
Fixes slow downs, makes your computer faster, and more reliable.
Classic WordZap Classic WordZap 2.30
Make seven unique words from a given set of letters faster than your opponent
Faster Than Fast Faster Than Fast 1
Faster than fast are these cars racing against each other.
Trisection Trisection 1.2
Trisection is a Tetris-style fast-action puzzle game.
X Ball X Ball 2.1
X Ball is a next generation cash based brick-out style game.
GameGain GameGain
Boost your gaming computer speed the easy way and make games much faster.
Light Flux Light Flux 1.0
Light Flux is a game based on the light cycle scene from the TRON movie.
Leemo Leemo 1.06
Twist rows and columns to make matches, create combos, and score huge points in this family-friendly puzzle game! Instead of simply swapping two items, you'll need to use your mathematical left brain to add or subtract he numbers in the right place.
Ben's Game Ben's Game r1
Ben's Game is a game about fighting cancer.

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