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Yahoo Mailto Handler Yahoo Mailto Handler 1.1.1
Yahoo Mailto Handler is an AppleScript that opens Yahoo's mail page from mailto URLs.
Notepad.Pro.Pro Notepad.Pro.Pro 1.0
Gmailto Gmailto 2
Redirect any mailto: link on the web to your Gmail account.
MailtoMutt MailtoMutt 0.4.1
MailtoMutt enables OS X applications to use mailto: URLs with mutt.
Webmailer Webmailer 1.0
Ever click on a mailto: link, only to scream in frustration as Apple Mail opens yet again? The curse of the webmail user is that there is no way to get around this problem.
Yahoo! Mailer Yahoo! Mailer 1.0.2
Yahoo! Mailer is a ridiculously simple OS X program that does one and only one thing - it redirects mailto: links in your web browser to bring up a new message in Yahoo! Mail, instead of requiring an external mail program (such as Apple's Mail or Eudora Mail or whatever).
Link Disguiser Link Disguiser 1.0.8
Link Disguiser - anti-spam solution prevents spam bots from email harvesting
Export Contacts to HTML Export Contacts to HTML 1.0
Export Contacts to HTML exports names and email addresses of all contacts in your Entourage Address Book into an HTML-formatted file ("mailto" links).
Share Bookmark Share Bookmark 2.0
Share Bookmark allows seamless sharing of URL bookmarks (http, ftp, mailto etc.
Anti Spam Anti Spam 2.0
Anti Spam is an action for FreewayPro and Express that allows users to quickly, simply and securely encode mailto links in their web pages so that spam bots cannot harvest them.