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Rise of the Machines Rise of the Machines 1.2
Seek and destroy the revolted Machines and reclaim Earth.
Other World Computing's XPostFacto Other World Computing's XPostFacto 4.0
While Apple has limited its support for Mac OS X to those machines that originally came with a G3 or G4 processor, it is possible to install Mac OS X on some earlier machines.
EchoForum Simple Machines LACI EchoForum Simple Machines LACI 1.39
EchoForum - Simple machines forum message exchange and network LACI v. 1.3.9
JallaJalla JallaJalla 1.0b
Synchronously play videos on two or more networked machines.
MachineHell MachineHell 1.1
Search and destroy all the alien Machines and reclaim Earth.
Remote Reboot Remote Reboot 2.0
Reboot, logoff, and shutdown remotely
NetBoot Filter Manager NetBoot Filter Manager 1.0
While the Server Admin application allows you to enable NetBoot filtering and manipulate the list of allowed or denied MAC addresses, it does not offer a way to import, en masse, a list of MAC addresses.
Visual Automata Simulator Visual Automata Simulator 1.2.1
Visual Automata Simulator is a DFA, NFA and TM simulator.
EMCO Network Inventory EMCO Network Inventory 5.0
Network P.C. software and hardware inventory asset tracking system
Distcc Distcc 2.18.3
Distcc is a program to distribute builds of C, C++, Objective C or Objective C++ code across several machines on a network.