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ZonicKRM ZonicKRM 1.0.4
The Zonic Kagi Registration Module ("ZonicKRM") allows developers to securely submit payments directly to Kagi from within their application, and allows users to instantly register their products while the application is running.
Manco.Chart for Compact Framework Manco.Chart for Compact Framework
Manco.Chart for CF is the solution to add charts to the .NET CF apps.
New Mexico Sunshine New Mexico Sunshine 1.0
New Mexico Sunshine is a lightning simulator, a thunderstorm simulator, a Roswell UFO Crash of 1947 Simulator.
ChordsX ChordsX 1.1
ChordsX is the further development of Patterns X, the melodic pattern (loop) creator.
WindowLabels WindowLabels 1.0
With WindowLabels, you can organize Finder windows in much the same way that you might organize Finder icons.
.NET Chart Designer .NET Chart Designer 1.3
.NET Chart Designer is comprehensive charting application, support 49 chart type
StockChartX StockChartX 5.8
Stock Chart Component with .NET, VB, VC++ example projects
Manco.Chart for .NET Manco.Chart for .NET 4.4
.NET chart control is used to create attractive 3D and 2D charts.
Baxter Baxter 1.0d6
If you like to play Checkers or Othello, Baxter will give you something to do on a rainy day.
Dynamic Music FlashCards Dynamic Music FlashCards 1.1
FlashCards is a drill & practice and learning tool that helps teach you to read notes.