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Juggler II Juggler II 1.0
In Juggler II as with real juggling, the object of the game is to avoid dropping any of the balls.
DVD Juggler DVD Juggler 1.1.3b2
DVD Juggler is poised to be the premier Movie and DVD collection tool on the Mac! Wrapped in a nice iPhoto/iTunes-like interface, DVD Juggler allows you to browse your Movie and DVD collection.
Email Address Juggler Email Address Juggler 2.75
Build and manage email lists with drag-drop simplicity, spellcheck & send mail.
AS Formatting Juggler AS Formatting Juggler 1.0.1
AS Formatting juggler is an applet for scripters who want to quickly switch between multiple sets of AppleScript code formats (a set of font, style, size, color information used in script code).
Audio Juggler Audio Juggler 2.2
Record and convert audio between 6 formats, remove vocals, grab and burn CDs
Briefcase Briefcase 1.0
Briefcase is a simple AppleScript that enables you to manage fonts more easily.