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Jazz Guitar Jazz Guitar 1.0
Jazz Guitar is a jazz guitar with 3 layers.
Jazz Venue Finder Jazz Venue Finder 1.2
Jazz Venue Finder - An index of popular jazz venues across the U.
Jazz-Plugin (Win32) Jazz-Plugin (Win32) 1.5.1
Low-level MIDI support for web-browsers - MIDI In/Out via Javascript
Jazz Globals Jazz Globals 1.09
Jazz Globals plugin provides named global variable storage.
Jazz Stack Jazz Stack 1.08
Jazz Stack plugin provides a global stack, accessible from every FileMaker database.
Jazz Styled Text Jazz Styled Text 1.01
Jazz Styled Text plugin allows styled text to be transferred (via copy and paste) between FileMaker Pro 7 and 8 and other applications.
Jazz HTML Jazz HTML 1.2
Jazz HTML plugin converts text in FileMaker Pro 7 (bold, italic, font size, colour, etc) into HTML code.
Jazz Params Jazz Params 1.08
Jazz Params plugin enables parameters to be passed from one script to another.
Jazz Utils Jazz Utils 1.16
In the process of creating commercial multimedia titles (often in the process of manipulating data) it has been quicker to write a FileMaker plugin function to do a specific task (or part of a task), than it would be to perform the task by other methods.
Jazz Brush Drumkit Jazz Brush Drumkit 1.0
Jazz Brush Drumkit presents 3 full brush drumkits for Native Instruments Battery and Kontakt multilayers and very acoustic sound.

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