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PressImageProEA PressImageProEA 4.31
If you would like to use XPressImage Pro as an integral tool in a server-oriented workflow, processing documents for a web service or to be accessed by multiple users, you will have to purchase a special Enterprise Edition of XPressImage from GLUON.
Z-Plot Z-Plot 1.02
2D / 3D function plotter that is able to calculate with complex numbers
Bus Stop 3 Bus Stop 3 1.7.1
This interactive screensaver portrays life at a bus stop.
Super States Super States 2.0
This program teaches the location of the U.S. states and their capitals
Abacus Math Writer Abacus Math Writer 4.0
For publishing Mathematical and Scientific equations.
Suitcase X1 Suitcase X1 11.0.4
With options for both Windows and Mac OS X , Suitcase is an integral part of any creative professional's workflow, and a must-have application for serious font users.
Rt-Science Tools2D for Delphi Rt-Science Tools2D for Delphi
The selection of components to generate two dimensional Cartesian plots & more
Jhead Jhead 2.5
The files coming out of a pretty much all Digital cameras are in the Exif flavour of Jpeg files.
Dark Side of the Groove - Apple Loops Dark Side of the Groove - Apple Loops 1.1
Dark Side of the Groove - Apple Loops contains long live mixes and jams (with key loops sliced out in appropriate formats) as well as shorter loops categorized as Extreme, Resonant and Dry.
macstl macstl 0.3.1
A new C++ source library designed to bring the Macintosh into the world of modern generic programming.