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Path Too Long Utility Path Too Long Utility 2.0
Windows unlocker tool to copy, delete files and folders with path too long error
LFNit! LFNit! 3.6
Backs up your long filenames so that you can still use old 16 bit utilities
Long Info CMM Long Info CMM 1.0
Long Info CMM is a contextual menu module that allows users to see and modify the long file names that Apple is using in Mac OS .
Shrink Shrink 1.2
Use Shrink to shrink long a URL to a shorter one.
Chronometer Chronometer 1.0.0
Chronometer is a handy utility to know how long it takes for you to do a certain task.
ExRena ExRena 1.0.1
Logic series Long extension Renamer The long extension made when it bounced audio as the "Split (L+R)" option by logic series.
Long Binary Stream Long Binary Stream 2.1
Long Binary Stream is a REALbasic plug-in that can handle 2GB+ files.
Vampire: The Masquerade Updater Vampire: The Masquerade Updater 1.0.1
Vampire: The Masquerade Updater 1.
iLifeDock iLifeDock 1.2
Your dock is so long that even a 30' inch cinema display wouldn't fit? here's the solution.
Glagolitic keyboard Glagolitic keyboard 0.9
Glagolitic keyboard layout (keylayout) adds a long-due and long-missing support for the oldest Slavonic alphabet, now included in the last release of Unicode 4.

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