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Overlay Overlay 1.0
Overlay is a single function Applescript wrapper for Helios Xtar - an application that is very useful for a variety of copying and archiving tasks.
theLinker theLinker 4.0xr2
theLinker is a Macintosh "droplet" which builds navigation links between pages within a folder hierarchy, such as the one you are viewing now.
Scripts2Text Scripts2Text 1.0
Based on an idea by Adam Bell, Scripts2Text creates plain text versions of all the decompilable scripts in your Scripts folder hierarchy, storing the results in a similar hierarchy it creates in your Documents folder.
MIB Browser MIB Browser 2.00
MIB Browser displays the hierarchy of SNMP MIB variables, requests SNMP agents
dbFramework dbFramework 1.2
dbFramework: A new kind of database. Define a hierarchy, add workflow. Simple.
FileHierToClipCMPlugin FileHierToClipCMPlugin 2.1
FileHierToClipCMPlugin is a contextual menu plugin that can generate a text representation of a file/folder hierarchy and place it on the Clipboard.
FlowChart.NET FlowChart.NET 6.4.1
A .NET control for drawing workflow, flowchart, network, organizational diagrams
WinQcad WinQcad 41.0
Orcad compatible schematic capture, PCB layout, professional autorouter
WpfDiagram WpfDiagram 3.4.2
A WPF control for drawing workflow, flowchart, network, organizational diagrams.
Catalyst JobClerk Lite Catalyst JobClerk Lite 2.0
Initially created as a custom solution for a commercial printer, Catalyst JobClerk Lite creates a new job folder and sorts files, folder or disk contents, including all nested folders, into a typcial print job folder hierarchy (ie.