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iSpQ VideoChat X iSpQ VideoChat X 8.0b3
iSpQ (pronounced Eye Speak) VideoChat allows you to use your webcam to meet other people virtually.
VZOchat Video Chat VZOchat Video Chat 6.3.5
Free and easy-to-use Internet video chat that works on dial-up.
ZoomCall Pro VideoPhone ZoomCall Pro VideoPhone 5.3.1
Easy-to-use, small Internet videoconferencing software for most webcams.
Group Stuff (Entourage) Group Stuff (Entourage) 1.2.1
Group Stuff (Entourage) is a script s package which includes 4 scripts to deal with groups.
Apply Group Category Apply Group Category 1.0
Apply Group Category is an AppleScript that applies the category you assign to a group to every group member who is a contact in the Address Book.
Address Book Group Check Address Book Group Check 1.1
Address Book Group Check identifies all the cards missing from a group and you can then add those that belong in the group.
Group Subset Group Subset 1.0
Group Subset when run will show a list of groups; you pick one.
Add to Group X Add to Group X 1.0.1
Add to Group X will add the senders or recipients of selected messages in a folder, or automatically of messages filtered by a rule to an Entourage Group you choose.
Reset Group Handles Reset Group Handles 1.0
If a group has been rotated or skewed, the Reset Group Handles script will reset the corner handles to square.
Group Sort X Group Sort X 1.0
Group Sort X will sort the group entries (group members) of either a selected group in the Address Book, or one or more groups you choose from a list, or all your groups - whatever you choose - into alphabetical order by last name in one quick pass.

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