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Quadratic Formula Helper Quadratic Formula Helper 0.1
Quadratic Formula Helper is a small application for quickly finding the value(s) of X from a quadratic formula.
Dynamic Formula Dynamic Formula 1.0
Dynamic Formula is a RbScript subclass which can be used to allow end users to enter in their own variables and values which you, the developer, can use as a dynamic formula which is embedded into your code.
Simplexety Simplexety
Simplexety, Editor and VBScript Engine.
Quadratic Formula Quadratic Formula 1.1
Quadratic Formula is a simple program that will solve the Quadratic Formula for you.
Fractographer Fractographer 2.0.3
Fractographer is a program to plot the fractals of mathematical functions.
Stupor Stupor 1.0
Stupor is based on a simple formula.
Formula Broomstick Formula Broomstick 1.3
Broom race simulator, 17 tracks, a legend based upon Harry Potter adventures
Excel Absolute Relative Reference Change Software Excel Absolute Relative Reference Change Software 7.0
Change formula references from absolute to relative or relative to absolute.
CalcService CalcService 3.2
This service calculates the result of a selected formula within all Cocoa-applications (e.
Spreadsheet Composer Spreadsheet Composer 2.0
An Excel add-in for automatic construction and management of complex formula.

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