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Folding@home Folding@home 3.2.5
What does Folding@Home do? Folding@Home is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases.
Folding@Home Script Installer Folding@Home Script Installer 1.0
Folding@Home Script Installer will install Folding@Home into your home directory, and will be invisible to most users.
Paper Folding 3D Paper Folding 3D 1.20
a 3D multi-view origami guide program
InFold DP InFold DP 1.2.2
InFold DP is an advanced version of InFold that is meant to keep track of two Folding@home clients at the same time.
InFold InFold 1.2.2
InFold is an AppleScript Studio application that displays information about your current Folding home unit.
FOLD Control FOLD Control 1.1
FOLD Control is a REALbasic application which allows you to control the Darwin (Unix) version of Folding@Home.
EControl Syntax Editor SDK EControl Syntax Editor SDK 3.00
Powerful text editor control with syntax highlighting, text folding...
EControl Syntax Editor EControl Syntax Editor 3.00
Text Unicode editor with syntax highlighting, text folding, structure view, ...
nFoldMan nFoldMan 1.12
nFoldMan generalizes the monitoring and control of folding processes to enable tracking any number of them on this machine, a file-shared machine, or a remote machine over the network.
InCrease InCrease 2.2b3
InCrease is a GUI for monitoring, configuring, and controlling the Folding@home command-line client.