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Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Fix Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Fix 1.0
Beginning with Mac OS X v.
Freeware 2.6
MacD MacD 1.6.1
MacD is a new way to access your folders.
Folder Guide Folder Guide 1.2
Handy utility that provides fast access to your frequently used folders.
QXP Shortcut Changer QXP Shortcut Changer 1.0.2
When running OS X, the shortcut 'Command-Option-D' will toggle the Dock's 'Hiding' status.
Function Keys Mapper Function Keys Mapper 2.8
Function Keys Mapper allows you to quickly open any application, file or folder with the function keys of your keyboard.
Fast Folder Access Fast Folder Access 2.0
Quick jump to your favorite folders and preview image in the context menu.
Hack to the Past Hack to the Past II
Hack to the Past II will bring back the shortcut key combo, Command + N, for creating a New Folder before Apple (Hello, McFly, anybody in there?), in their infinite wisdom, switched it to Command + Shift + N.
Account & Signature Shortcuts (Entourage) Account & Signature Shortcuts (Entourage) 1.0
Have you ever wished that you could switch accounts or signatures in a new message you’re writing without having to fetch the mouse as you’re typing? Signatures in particular require a tedious search in a submenu of the Message menu.
Message Template X Message Template X 1.1
Message Template X is an Entourage script that lets you save a template, including one in Rich Text HTML, for personalized, styled and formatted messages complete with signature and whatever else you want, which can be opened by a keyboard shortcut or from the Scripts menu, without having to hunt around for it.

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