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Set Clipboard To Path Of File Set Clipboard To Path Of File 1.0
Set Clipboard To Path Of File sets the clipboard to the path of a given file or folder as a text string.
Path to the Linked File Path to the Linked File 1.0
Path to the Linked File is an AppleScript that will prompt you to indicate the folder containing (or that will contain) the HTML page you're linking from.
Send Path to Clipboard Send Path to Clipboard 1.0
When a single file or folder is dropped onto the Send Path to Clipboard icon, the item's absolute path will be sent to the clipboard.
Copy Path to Clipboard Copy Path to Clipboard
'Copy Path to Clipboard' in context menu for all files and folders
An Object Path An Object Path 1.1
An Object Path is a droplet to retrieve the AppleScript-friendly location for a file or folder quickly; also an application.
FilePathCM FilePathCM 1.0
FilePathCM is a contextual menu item for copying the path of a file or folder to the clipboard.
Get File Path Get File Path 3.0
Get File Path is a file utility to copy to the clipboard the path of a file or folder dropped on it, after automatic application of various programmable transformations.
Path Too Long Utility Path Too Long Utility 2.0
Windows unlocker tool to copy, delete files and folders with path too long error
Folder_Codes Folder_Codes 1.0
Folder_Codes is a tab-delimited list of all the four-byte codes that can be used with the "path to" scripting addition command.
FilePath FilePath 1.1
FilePath copies the path of a file or a folder so that it can be pasted in to an email.

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