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The Chamber The Chamber 1.0
The Chamber is another experiment in creating virtual spaces.
iPodLabels iPodLabels 1.0
iPodLabels is a kind of experiment I made, where I tried to find a new concept of 3D perspective for an icon.
Ragdoll Masters Ragdoll Masters 3.0.1
Ragdoll Masters is an experiment in the world of 2D beat 'em' ups with the use of ragdoll physics.
MaterialWorlds Simulations MaterialWorlds Simulations 1.5
Play and experiment with virtual reality simulations.
jVisualizer jVisualizer 2.5.1
jVisualizer can help reconstruct the patterns found in your chemistry experiment, coupling patterns in NMR spectroscopy, which are sometimes not easy to understand.
Drilx O Matic Drilx O Matic 0.9
Drilx O Matic Widget is based on the once-a-day composition experiment in techno’d grooves recorded in 2 and 2001.
Round text reading Round text reading 1
Round reading. Type a words.
UFMySQLPlugin EOModeler UFMySQLPlugin EOModeler Bundle
UFMySQLPlugin EOModeler Bundle - An EOModeler Plugin/experiment that will allow you to synchronize with MySQL databases better (including inherited Entities) without getting FSK_Cascade errors.
Binarytime Binarytime 0.1
Binarytime is rather an experiment in programming excercises than a useful program… nevertheless, it’s a nice desktop window to watch – and hey: it’s showing the time! The hours are shown left, the minutes in the middle and the seconds to the right.
Tuning Tables LucyTuning Tuning Tables LucyTuning 1.0c
Tuning Tables LucyTuning enables users to microtune and experiment existing songs or compose new songs, with alternative tunings and scales.