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ExecutedProgramsList ExecutedProgramsList 1.11
Displays programs and batch files that you previously executed on your system.
Stationery Stationery 1.0
Stationery, when executed from the contextual script menu provided by Big Cat, converts selected files to stationery pads (folders are ignored).
VMProtect VMProtect 3.0
The protected parts of code are executed on the virtual machine, which makes it
FileMove Pro FileMove Pro 2.05.09
Automatical file/folder handling for backup, copy, move, compress, synchronize.
Toggle Locked Toggle Locked 1.0
Toggle Locked, when executed from the contextual script menu provided by Big Cat, locks selected Finder items if they're not locked or unlocks them if they are locked.
FilerPal Professional FilerPal Professional 3.02.01
Time and Job Based File Management Automation for Networks and Desktop Computers
File Access Scheduler File Access Scheduler 5.1292
Protect your files from being executed, viewed, changed and deleted by schedule
Internet Enabled Disk Image Scripts Internet Enabled Disk Image Scripts 1.0
The compiled Internet Enabled Disk Image Scripts, when executed via Ranchero's Big Cat contextual scripts menu, will set the 'internet enable' flag of selected disk image (.
PXL Design Template PXL Design Template 1.0
PXL Design Template is a pre-fabricated and pre-linked Website framework.
Safe Terminal Safe Terminal 0.3
Safe Terminal fixes a security weakness with Mac OS X Terminal utility, when it execute shell scripts without the user permission.