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Remote Task Manager Remote Task Manager 3.8.2
Lets you remotely manage over a network: tasks, processes, services and events.
Event Log Manager Event Log Manager
The program Event Log Manager is intended for managemen of Event Logs of Windows
Ajour Ajour 5.6.4
Ajour is an easy-to-use personal information manager (PIM).
e-Daily Assistant e-Daily Assistant 1.0
Your personal organizer as your home organizer or office organizer
AIM Log Manager AIM Log Manager 1.6.300
A unique and powerful tool to record, analyze, and manipulate your AIM logs
Nalsoft AIM Log Manager Nalsoft AIM Log Manager 1.7
A unique and powerful tool to record, analyze, and manipulate AIM logs.
Entourage Events Entourage Events 1.3.1
Entourage Events takes all of your Entourage Events (within a specified date range) and exports them into vCard files for copying to your iPod.
iCal Events iCal Events 2.2.1
Face the day! Always know what’s next in your schedule using iCal Events.
Entourage Events 2 Web Entourage Events 2 Web 2.1.2
Entourage Events 2 Web allows you to export calendar events from Microsoft Entourage X.
xMaster xMaster 2.0
A Schedule Manager for the X-10 Model CP290 Computer Interface.

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