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Empty Folder Cleaner ActiveX Empty Folder Cleaner ActiveX 2.4.3
This ActiveX allows to find and delete empty folders on your PC.
4dots Empty Folder Cleaner 4dots Empty Folder Cleaner 2.0
Clean empty folders to remove clutter and for performance reasons.
Empty Trash Empty Trash 1.0.2
Empty Trash deletes stubborn trash files.
Twin Files Twin Files 1.3
Twin Files identifies files that are empty, trash, or duplicate other files.
FakeTwin FakeTwin 2.0
It copies a complete directory structure but make the files fake.
Selective Trash Empty Selective Trash Empty 1.0d1
Selective Trash Empty allows you to empty the trash of only selected volumes, leaving other volumes undisturbed.
Super Empty Trash Super Empty Trash 2.3
Simple AppleScript applet that will empty the Trash with root privileges.
Convert Empty Picture Boxes Convert Empty Picture Boxes 1.0
Convert Empty Picture Boxes is a Quark AppleScript that will convert all empty picture boxes into graphic boxes (content = none).
MrClean MrClean 1.7
MrClean is simple utility that finds and trashes duplicate files, empty folders and aliases.
RM -R Plugin RM -R Plugin 1.0
FTP normally won't allow you to delete a folder if the folder is not empty.

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