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Edge Of Chaos Edge Of Chaos 1.1
Explore the edge of chaos through the famous "Game of Life" cellular automaton.
breve breve 2.5
breve is a simulation environment which allows users to define the behaviors and interactions of different types of agents in a simulated 3D world and observe the emergent behaviors.
GMBA Maze GMBA Maze 1.2
Generate and print Maze's to any size and complexity
Color Lines Test Color Lines Test 1.1
Free random intellect test based on Color Lines game with complexity adjustment.
Eidetic game Eidetic game 7.3
Close your eyes and recall the picture.
KuebSite KuebSite 1.5.1
With KuebSite you can build your own web pages without any knowledge of the HTML language, and without all the complexity of other applications.
UseCaseBench UseCaseBench 1.2
This utility allows an analyst to capture the Actors, Use Cases, complexity, technical and environmental factors and it applies the "Use Case Points" methodology to provide an estimate of how long the project will take.
FTP Thingy FTP Thingy 1.1.3
FTP Thingy is a ftp client application, that delivers only basic ftp abilities with none of the complexity.
3DSpins! 3DSpins! 1.3
3DSpins! is an intense 3D puzzle strategy game, where you brainstorm different solutions to over 100 levels of increasing complexity.
SetLi (Set Line) SetLi (Set Line) 2.18
The game of an increased level of complexity.