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Apple Intel firmware restore Apple Intel firmware restore 1.1
This update is used to restore the firmware of an Intel-based iMac (early & mid 2006), Mac mini (early 2006), MacBook Pro (early 2006), Mac Book (early 2006), or Mac Pro (mid 2006) to original factory condition.
asaka asaka a2
asaka is an early release of a multi protocol security evaluation system.
Verses of the Elders Verses of the Elders 1.1
Verses of the Elders is a program that contains a list of inspirational verses from the early Buddhist monks and nuns.
Klondike Klondike 9.0
Klondike, an early Mac game of the '80s, is back, with more games than ever.
Apple keyboard update Apple keyboard update 1.0
The Apple Keyboard Update 1.
peacePipe peacePipe 1.2
One of the attractive features of the early years of Macintosh web serving was the availability of Applescript support in the early servers (MacHTTP, WebStar, Web-Ten, etc).
Digger Digger 1.0
Digger is a simple game from the nostalgic early 80's.
TVguide TVguide 0.1
TVguide is a very early beta version of an app I'm working on to display UK TV guides.
ABC Typing lesson ABC Typing lesson 08.09.18
Speed typing lesson 02
Zomb Zomb 1.0b2
Zomb is my very first released game, still in very early stage but playable anyway.