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Breme Write Right Breme Write Right
As-you-write spelling help through sound and pictures. Ideal for home or school.
2nd Speech Center 2nd Speech Center
Converts any text into spoken words or even MP3/WAV audio files.
ReallyEasyReader ReallyEasyReader 4.0
ReallyEasyReader is simply the fastest and easiest way to read on your computer With it you will read more in less time and increase your knowledgebase.
DS-2 iListen Transcription Solution DS-2 iListen Transcription Solution 1.0
This remarkably cost effective iListen Transcription Solution DS-2 includes the following: • Latest version of iListen • Your choice of the VXi Parrot USB, VXi TalkPro Xpress USB or VXi TalkPro USB Headset (make selection at the bottom of the page) • Olympus DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder (brand NEW) Now you have the complete Voice Solution: Direct Dictation, Correction, Voice Command & Control and Transcription - now bundled in one package! If you suffer from RSI, can't type or spell, don't want to type, have dyslexia, can talk faster than you can type, can't type 140 words per minute or have the need for Remote Dictation and Transcription - the iListen Transcription Solution DS-2 is what you have been waiting for! TalkAnywhere™ and CorrectAnywhere™ into hundreds of applications - virtually anywhere you would normally type! iListen offers fast dictation plus command and control.