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Scroll Decimal Scroll Decimal 1.0
Scroll Decimal is a FaceSpan application which shows the decimal equivalent for fractions.
IP to Decimal IP to Decimal 1.0
IP to Decimal is a small utility for converting IP Addresses (i.
Hex&Decimal Hex&Decimal 1.0
Hex&Decimal is a very simple script that does 1 of 2 things.
Decimal Ease Decimal Ease 1.0.1
Decimal Ease is a program for converting decimal yards, feet, inches to yards, feet, inches and fractions or vice versa, if you are an Architect, Draftsman, Engineer, Designer or need to work with decimal yards, feet or inches then you will find this program of immense use.
Decimal Time Project Clock Decimal Time Project Clock 1.0
The DTP Dashboard widget calculates the date and time in a decimal format and displays it.
Scientific Calculator Decimal Scientific Calculator Decimal
Scientific Calculator Decimal for scientists, engineers, teachers, and students.
DeciTime DeciTime 1.0
DeciTime is a fun application sports a new base for measuring the day.
Fractions n Decimals CE Fractions n Decimals CE 5.3
Add, Subtract, Divide and Multiply fractions. Convert decimals/fractions CE 2.11
Decimal Decimal 1.2
Swing Java application (multi-platform) that translates an IP address (127.
DeciCalc DeciCalc 1.0
DeciCalc is a quick calculator for figuring out the decimal equivalents of common fractions.