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Create random playlist Create random playlist 1.1
Create random playlist allows you to choose a given track from your iTunes library and copy it to a new playlist.
Music Playlist Utility Music Playlist Utility 1.0
Utility to sort music files so that they will play in strict order of a playlist
Sprintbit Playlist Manager Sprintbit Playlist Manager 7.6
Playlist Creator & Manager with Audio, Video and Internet Radio Players
AmoK Playlist Copy AmoK Playlist Copy 2.01
Copy songs from your favorite playlist to your MP3-Player or external hard drive
Advanced Playlist Builder Advanced Playlist Builder 1.00
Advanced Playlist Builder is the ultimate playlist maker and MP3 file manager.
Export iTunes Playlist to M3U Export iTunes Playlist to M3U 6.0
Export iTunes Playlist to M3U is an AppleScript that generates a .
Open Pod Open Pod 0.6d
Open Pod is a virtual can opener for your iPod.
Wait for finishing playlist in iTunes Wait for finishing playlist in iTunes 1.2
Wait for finishing playlist in iTunes plays your playlist to the end and then quietly shut down your machine.
Playcaster Playcaster 1.0
Playcaster is a quick way to make a podcast out of the songs in an iTunes playlist.
PlayLyrix PlayLyrix 0.90
PlayLyrix searches your iTunes collection and automatically creates a new playlist of all the songs whose lyrics contain specified words or phrases.

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