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TOCBuilder TOCBuilder 1.5.5
This Adobe Acrobat plug-in creates a Table of Contents for a PDF document.
Search File Contents Search File Contents 1.0.1
Search File Contents searches through the contents of a file by matching a string.
Folder/Disk Table of Contents Folder/Disk Table of Contents 1.0
Folder/Disk Table of Contents is a small AppleScript which creates a formatted report of the contents of a folder or disk, using Tex-Edit Plus.
ClipPreserver ClipPreserver 1.1.0
ClipPreserver is a life preserver for your Clipboard, and it automatically preserves the contents of the Clipboard when you shutdown or restart your computer.
Get Smart Folder Contents Get Smart Folder Contents 1.0.1
Get Smart Folder Contents - This action gets the items from inside the selected smart folder.
Ittec Ittec 2.3.1
Ittec is a contextual menu plugin that lists the contents of folders and Finder windows (and the contents of those folders and Finder windows and so on).
Foxit PDF Editor Foxit PDF Editor 1.6
Foxit PDF Editor is a tool for modifying page contents in Portable Document
PowerTOC PowerTOC 2.2
The Table of Contents add-in for PowerPoint
iPod Contents to iTunes Playlist iPod Contents to iTunes Playlist 1.0
iPod Contents to iTunes Playlist adds the iPod's contents to the "Library" (instead of as a seperate source) which allows users to do things like burn CDs from the iPod, create playlists with tracks from both the iPod and iTunes etc.
Clean Up Folder Contents for Automator Clean Up Folder Contents for Automator 1.0a1
Deletes the contents of a selected folder, grabs the items inside of it, and sends those files to the trash.

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