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Convmv Convmv 1.0.5
convmv converts filenames (not file content), directories, and even whole filesystems to a different encoding.
HTTPNetworkSniffer HTTPNetworkSniffer 1.63
Captures and displays HTTP requests/responses.
iRot13 iRot13 1.01
iROT13 is a simple and easy to use program for encoding and decoding text that is in the ROT13 format.
CubeSecurity CubeSecurity 2.2
WEB-content (HTML-pages content) to avoid "grabbing" protection system
FileAction FileAction 1.0
Whether you only want toy rename files, change encoding on the file content, scale pictures or move the files, FIleAction does the job.
Atom Imp Text Editor Atom Imp Text Editor 1.01
Unicode text editor/encoding converter that keeps things simple to use.
Mac OS X Encoding Plethora Mac OS X Encoding Plethora 1.2.1
The Mac OS X Encoding Plethora OS X scripts let you encode or decode items by dropping them on the script or by using a contextual menu.
XYNcoder XYNcoder 1.3
XYNCoder is an all audio/video formats to MP4 batch encoding frontend
ayeDVD Batcher ayeDVD Batcher 0.2.1
The burn process in iDVD3 is shortened considerably if MPEG2 encoding is completed in the background before starting the burn.
Popwire WMV-9 Component Popwire WMV-9 Component 2.0
Popwire WMV-9 Component makes it possible to import, view and encode Windows Media 9 content from QuickTime based products such as: Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Discreet Cleaner.

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