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Color Constant Lib Color Constant Lib 1.0
Color Constant Lib is a REALbasic 5.
Flawless Complexion Flawless Complexion 6
The key for maintaining a youthful glow is constant skin care.
BumpCity BumpCity 5.0
Everybody who uses QuarkXPress has a constant need to "bump" items, groups, text, lines, etc.
Animal Attack Animal Attack 1.0.1
You castle is under constant attack from specially trained battle animals.
MS Access Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Fields S MS Access Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Fields S 7.0
Apply math to fields (columns) in MS Access tables.
Skull & Bones Skull & Bones 1.0
Halloween is over, but Skull & Bones lives on! Install this widget and keep your other widgets in constant fear of being boarded! What does it do to terrorize its Dashboard neighbors you ask? Nothing.
Acquisition Block Acquisition Block 1.0
Tired of Acquisition's 3 second constant nagging for purchase? Well guess what?! Here's a little nifty application to take care of that! Launch this application before launching Acquisition.
YP Atwood YP Atwood 1.0
YP Atwood simulates a pulley (simple or double) driven by one or two suspended masses.
MITCalc - Beam Calculation MITCalc - Beam Calculation 1.19
Calculations of the straight beams with constant cross section.
tranquility X tranquility X 6.00
Explore vast geometric worlds inhabited with beautiful shapes in constant motion.