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WinTopMost Disable Close WinTopMost Disable Close 1.2
Automatically manage programs to disable close button or set topmost not hidden
Close Combat: First to Fight Updater Close Combat: First to Fight Updater 1.0.3
This application will convert both the 1.
GiantColorSwatch GiantColorSwatch 1.0
GiantColorSwatch shows a window containing a swatch of a color.
MothersHelper MothersHelper 0.1
Some folks are unsure what application is frontmost (active) at a given moment (because on Mac OS X different applications' windows can be interleaved, the "frontmost window" indication is not all that clear, you can close all windows and still be in an application, etc.
DenyIP DenyIP 1.1
DenyIP enables you to list all connections carried on/out your Mac and, if needed, to close it.
CloseApp CloseApp 1.03
CloseApp is a command-line tool which closes running processes
WinTopMost WinTopMost 1.1e
Manage programs to be always visible and disable close
WinTopMost Site License WinTopMost Site License 1.2.4
Keep users from using close button, set a window topmost in front of all other
Close and Delete Close and Delete 1.0
Close and Delete is a small AppleScript for BBEdit which closes the frontmost document and moves it to the trash without a warning.
EscapeClose EscapeClose 1.6
The utility, allowing you to close the active window by pressing the Esc button.

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