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Clipboard (to named clipping) Clipboard (to named clipping) 1.0
When the Clipboard (to named clipping) AppleScript is double-clicked, it creates a clipping file from the current clipboard content.
Clipping Namer Clipping Namer 1.3.5
Finder clippings are a wonderful idea that most people don't use because they're such a pain to deal with.
Selection to Clipping Selection to Clipping 1.0
When Selection to Clipping is run from Script Debugger's script menu or palette, selected text will be stored as a clipping in Script Debugger's "Clippings" folder.
Dash Clipping Dash Clipping 1.0
Dash Clipping is a universal widget tool that allows you to turn any part of any web page into a Dashboard widget with a couple of clicks.
ClipEdit ClipEdit 3.0.3
ClipEdit is a small application that allows you to create and edit text and picture clippings.
Script Debugger Selection to Clippings Script Debugger Selection to Clippings 1.0.1
Script Debugger Selection to Clippings, after obtaining a file name from the user, will create a clipping file from the selected text of the front Script Debugger window.
PixClip PixClip 0.04a
PixClip allows to take clips from your screen in a easy and intuitive fashion.
SnapClip SnapClip 1.7
Small faceless background application program to take screenshot quickly and easily and save it as a various image format file or clipping file on the Desktop (or copy it to Clipboard).
Drop Download Drop Download 1.0
Drop Download is an AppleScript that uses the URL Access Scripting OSAX to download URLs by dropping text, Netscape, and clipping files into the script.
Snap Clip Snap Clip 1.7
SnapClip is a screen capture tool to take a snapshot of full screen or selected area and save it as a clipping file (with thumbnail icon) on Desktop, or copy it to Clipboard.