Change 'em! 4.0 review

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Change 'em! performs one simple task.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 218K
Developer: Unvisible Universe
Price: $0.00
Updated: 03 May 2006
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Change 'em! performs one simple task. It changes all of the files in the Change 'em! folder (the one that is inside the main folder) to either Explorer or Netscape files.

Why would I want to do this you ask? If you want to create a mini web site, (like the one that comes with this program) you want the user to be able to double click on the file and open the appropriate browser.

When web pages are created by programs like Pagemill and Clarisworks those programs put their own creator code on the file. Change 'em! changes those codes so that the file will open your choice of the two browsers. Change 'em! is for any Macintosh!

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