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Chak's Temple Chak's Temple 1.0
Chak’s Temple is the best original interpretation of classic arcade genre!
Temple Tantrum Temple Tantrum 1.1.2
Temple Tantrum is an arcade exploration game where your task is to retrieve the Phoenix Eye from the temple ruins.
Temple Of Tangram Temple Of Tangram 1.0.6
Puzzle game with original and addictive gameplay.
Temple Bar Temple Bar 1.0
Temple Bar is a collection of icons inspired to the homonymous area in Dublin to be used with Mac OS versions 7 or later.
Jumping Arrows Jumping Arrows 1.6.3
Jump quickly to reach the hidden treasure!
Temple Tantrum Updater Temple Tantrum Updater 1.0.2
Made it easier for the thief to steal a gem when it grabs for the gem.
Gemsweeper Gemsweeper 1.2
Solve puzzles to restore an ancient Mayan temple city in this unique mind game.
Glypha III Glypha III 1.1.2
Glypha III is a classic arcade game by John Calhoun in which you are placed inside an Egyptian temple with only your lance and a winged steed to aid you, here you are forced to do battle with Sphinxes in order to gain the honour of a place on the High Scores list.
Sri Prabandhavali (pdf) Sri Prabandhavali (pdf) 1.08
Sri Prabandhavali, festival days.
Egyptian Baccarat Egyptian Baccarat 1.0
Egyptian Baccarat acquaints you with an inhabitant of ancient Egypt!

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