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Diskeeper 2008 Administrator Diskeeper 2008 Administrator 2008
Diskeeper2008 Administrator allows complete centralized management of Diskeeper.
CZ Print Release Station CZ Print Release Station 2.0
Centralized holding, releasing, tracking, auditing and managing of print jobs.
Handy Backup Server Network Handy Backup Server Network 7.17.0
Advanced centralized backup solution for mixed OS (Windows-Linux) networks.
WebNative WebNative 7
WebNative is a centralized, single point of access for digital assets and artwork.
net::MC net::MC 1.0
net::MC, which is an abbreviation for Networks Management Center, is a web-based application easing the day-to-day administrative tasks in a heterogenous network environment running both Windows- and Linux-based clients and servers maintaining a centralized directory service.
Message Processing Platform Message Processing Platform 1.09
The MPP provides a centralized feature, configuration point, and deployment point for virus, spam and content filtering, including both commercial and popular open source tools including Clam AV, Spam Assassin, Postfix(which is included with Jaguar), Cgate, Qmail, and SendMail and more.
Key Pad Key Pad 2.0.8
Key Pad is an application providing centralized storage of passwords, account numbers, and many other types of easily forgotten personal information.
Apple Macintosh Manager Apple Macintosh Manager 2.2.2
Macintosh Manager is Apple's workstation management technology, providing education network administrators with a centralized method of securing Mac OS workstations, controlling student software access, and providing a consistent, personalized experience for students and staff.
Apple Xsan Apple Xsan 1.4.1
Apple Xsan is a high-performance, enterprise-class Storage Area Network (SAN) file system at $999 per client and per server Xsan combines performance with ease of use for customers who require scalable, high-speed access to centralized shared data for storage consolidation and workflow in video post production, data center, broadcast and high-performance computing environments.
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