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Cave Dig 2 Cave Dig 2 2.0.2
Cave Dig 2 is the original game, before Cave Dig 3 Your goal is to guide Simon trough all he caves in Cave Dig.
Crystal Cave GOLD Crystal Cave GOLD 1.2
Awards winning puzzle game, collect all crystals from ancient tombs and pyramids
Cave Dig 3 Cave Dig 3 1.1.3
Cave Dig 3 is a wonderful and challenging arcade/puzzle game with beautiful graphics, a great soundtrack and a simple yet entertaining gameplay.
Crystal Cave Crystal Cave 1.11
Collect all crystals from ancient tombs and pyramids in an amazing puzzle game.
Cave Fox Cave Fox 1.1.3
Madison Cat has always had it out for Ably Fox and Pepper Fox.
Quest of Yipe Quest of Yipe 3.0
Quest of Yipe is a role-playing and adventuregame, the first of three in a series.
Snakylines Snakylines 1.08
Explore forgotten Crocodile Island, find treasures hidden by the ancients!
UrthWurm UrthWurm 1.0
MS-DOS game where you guide a wurm though a cave. It's a remake of SFCave.
Advent Widget Advent Widget 1.1
Advent Widget - Explore the depths of Colossal Cave with the grandfather of all text adventure games.
Natto-Cat Natto-Cat 1.4
Explore caves and collect cat snacks in this unique Boulderdash-type game!