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Wisdom of Buddhism - German Wisdom of Buddhism - German 1.0
Wisdom of Buddhism - German widget displays wise words of the most famous buddhists in history.
Faith Converter Faith Converter 2.2u
Faith Converter converts text between the vernaculars of thirty different religions, encompassing Atheism, Biopsychosocialism, Buddhism, the Cargo Cult, Christianity, Communism, Confucianism, Druidism, Falun Gong, Hinduism, Islam, Juche, Judaism, Keynesianism, Linux, MacEvangelism, Mahanism, Maoism, NIMBYism, Roman, Scientology, Shinto, Sikh, Stalinism, Taoism, Thatcherism, Trotskyism, Unitarian Universalism, Veganism and Voodoo.
Little Angel Messages Little Angel Messages 1.0
Little Angel Messages Animated Software DEMO for WIN/MAC
Zen Garden Screen Saver Zen Garden Screen Saver 1.0
Zen Buddhist screen saver with images of Zen gardens.