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Objective-C Services Objective-C Services 1.0
System Services provide functionality regardless of what applications you're using.
Apple Directory Services SDK for OSX Apple Directory Services SDK for OSX 1.0
Apple Directory Services SDK is for development of Directory Services Plug-ins, and Directory Services enabled applications.
CircumNavigator CircumNavigator 1.0
CircumNavigator is a Mac OS control panel that turns old-fashioned Standard File dialogs into modern Navigation Services dialogs.
LSRefresh LSRefresh 1.0
Now what is Launch Services? Launch Services is responsible for launching applications, URLs and documents.
HotService HotService 2.2
Install HotService, a Cocoa input manager bundle, and all shortcuts of services are available right after launching Cocoa applications.
Address Actions Address Actions 0.2
Address Actions is a small application that provides Services for working with text addresses.
Map Suite Services Edition Map Suite Services Edition
Map Suite Services Edition: .NET development framework for creating GIS services
PDF Reporting Services PDF Reporting Services 1.1
Export to PDF from Microsoft Reporting Services
ACP Web Services ACP Web Services 1.7.2g
Select text literally anywhere on your OS X desktop, click your 'Services' menu from your menu bar, select an ACP Web service - and you're there.
Bonjour Browser Bonjour Browser 1.5.5
Bonjour Browser lets you browse all the Bonjour services available on your local network.

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