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Alex’s Encrypt is a simple encryption utility that encrypts one file at a time.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 90K
Developer: Alessandro Levi Montalcini
Price: $0.00
Updated: 19 Dec 2005
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Alex’s Encrypt is a simple encryption utility that encrypts one file at a time. The encryption key is stored in a variable-length key file that can be as small as 512 bytes or as large as the entire file to encrypt.

Alex's Encrypt assures strong file protection through large key files.

Using a key file instead of a password makes the encryption only suitable for cases where the key can be stored in a different location or sent separately to the receiver.

I built it so that I could store large encrypted files in my ftp directory and send relatively small key files by e-mail to the people that had to download them. Password protection on the compressed archives was not enough, since it still allowed everyone to peek at the archive’s contents.

Obviously, keeping the key file and the encrypted file in the same place (or sending them together) makes the encryption completely useless. Which means that this program can’t be used to encrypt data on your hard disk, unless you keep the key files on a separate floppy. If you do so, however, keep in mind that losing the floppy or the data on it means losing the encrypted files as well (there is no way to recover the encrypted files without their key file).

You should give meaningful names to your key files, since only the original key file used for encryption can later be used to decrypt a file. If you have many key files with weird names, you won’t be able to find the right one for a particular encrypted file.

What's New:
Now freeware, updated documentation and recompiled with CodeWarrior 9.

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