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TimeSync TimeSync 2.3.0
TimeSync allows to adjust the clock of your Computer using the Internet.
Tint Adjust Tint Adjust 1.0
Tint Adjust is an Adobe Illustrator plugin that allows you to apply exposure curves to vector graphics in Illustrator.
Adjust Indents Adjust Indents 1.0
The Adjust Indents package, for Tex-Edit Plus, contains two scripts (Tab add and Tab subtract).
ExposureHelper - ExposureHelper - 1.0
Three plug-ins to help with brightness levels.
RGB Curve Adjust RGB Curve Adjust 1.1
Imagine you could control every single possible setting of every pixel in your clip globally.
Gammawork Gammawork 1.5.1
Gammawork enable Mac OS X users the ability to adjust the colors on their monitors to correspond to other device such as a printer.
Adjust Size Adjust Size 1.0
Adjust Size is a simple, yet powerful plug-in for iMovie that can simultaneously crop any part of your clip, and then enlarge or shrink that part.
Adjust Custom Icon Flag of Folders Adjust Custom Icon Flag of Folders 1.0
Adjust Custom Icon Flag of Folders is an AppleScript which adjusts the custom icon flag of the folders that they should have a right status of flag.
Mopis Mopis 1.2.2
VST/AU soft synth plugin that does subtractive sounds and sample resynthesis.
Brightness Equalizer Brightness Equalizer 2.0
Brightness equalizer is an iMovie plug-in that lets you exert photoshop-level control over brightness in your clips.