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Keyspan USB Adapter X Keyspan USB Adapter X 2.2
Keyspan USB Adapter contains the drivers for the following adaptors: • Twin Serial Adapter (models USA-28X, USA-28XA and USA-28XB) • PDA Adapter (models USA-19 and USA-19Qi) • High Speed Serial Adapter (models USA-19W and USA-19QW) • USA-18X Serial Adapter • USA-28 USB Serial Adapter • USA-49W 4-port Serial Adapter (models USA-49W, USA-49WLC, USA-4E230) • USA-19H USB Serial Adapter (models USA-19Hs and USA-19Hp) • serial port in MPR-112 Mobile Port Replicator.
MacWireless USB Adapter MacWireless USB Adapter A.2.3
Drivers for MacWireless USB Adapter.
MRJ Adapter MRJ Adapter 1.0.6
MRJ Adapter is, partially, a wrapper around some APIs provided by Apple and which are built into their various virtual machines.
AsanteFast 10/100 NuBus AsanteFast 10/100 NuBus 1.0
AsanteFast 10/100 NuBus is a driver package which provides a firmware update for the AsanteFast 10/100 NuBus Adapter card.
Xbox HID Driver Xbox HID Driver 1.3.3
With an adapter, the Xbox controller (and other Xbox peripherals) can be plugged into a PC or Mac's USB port.
RS-Manager RS-Manager 1.0
RS-Manager is a Mac OS X application for controlling KNOX RS-Series routing switchers directly from your Mac via a serial port.
NewTen NewTen 1.5.1
NewTen is a Newton MessagePad package installer for Mac OS X computers.
MAC Address Changer (Spoofer) for Windows 7, XP, 2003, VISTA, 2008
ATTO Configuration Tool ATTO Configuration Tool 3.05
ATTO Configuration Tool helps you customize the settings of your Celerity FC, ExpressPCI SCSI or ExpressPCI FC host adapter to maximize the performance of your storage connection.
CapiInfo CapiInfo 1.0
Displays the capabilities and driver version of an ISDN CAPI adapter.