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Actions Monitor Actions Monitor 1.02
Monitor and display system activity.
PreFab UI Actions PreFab UI Actions 1.1.1
PreFab UI Actions brings "universal attachability" to AppleScript, greatly enhancing your control over applications running on your computer.
GPS Automator Actions GPS Automator Actions 1.0
GPS Automator Actions is a set of Automator Actions to download, upload and convert GPS routes, waypoints and tracks.
Google Go Actions Google Go Actions 1.0
Google Go Actions are a set of Mac OS X Address Book plug-ins that will allow you to get Google directions and/or a Google map to any entry in your Address Book instantly.
Attach Folder Actions Attach Folder Actions 1.2
Attach Folder Actions is a drag-&-drop ready application that simplifies attaching Folder Actions to folders and their subfolders.
Address Actions Address Actions 0.2
Address Actions is a small application that provides Services for working with text addresses.
Folder Actions Manager Folder Actions Manager 1.0
Folder Actions are back in Mac OS X version 10.
Advenio iCal Actions Advenio iCal Actions 1.1
Advenio iCal Actions has three iCal-focused Automator actions; Find Past iCal Events, Move iCal Events, and Get Date Range String from Events.
Accelerando Accelerando 0.81b
Accelerando is a collection of Utilities designed to speed your production process by condensing your commands and actions while integrating with other scripting utilities.
Simple grayscale automator actions Simple grayscale automator actions 1.0
Grayscale as Grayscale or as RGB conversion for Photoshop CS2.