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Web iPhoto Access allows you to share your iPhoto Library over the internet.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 2192K
Developer: Alexandre Feblot
Price: $0.00
Updated: 04 Sep 2006
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Web iPhoto Access allows you to share your iPhoto Library over the internet. As soon as you have uploaded pictures from your camera to your library, you want these pictures to get available to your friends, family or whoever. Moreover, let them easily download a bunch of pictures and import them in their own iPhoto library with your captions and comments (for your lucky friends also owning a mac).

Your MacOSX standard installation includes a web server which will be used to let others access to your pictures through their web browser. After having installed WiPhA, all you have to do is turn the Web server on, configure your friends' rights and give them the URL to connect. You don't even need to be logged in, as long as your computer is on, connected to the internet, and it's web server is running. WiPhA intends to be light for your server in terms of cpu and memory usage, and to provide all they need to easily browse your pictures, even in a big library.

Here are some key features of "Web iPhoto Access":
Full featured yet easy web access to your iPhoto Libraries
Extensive search methods (albums, captions, comments, dates, keywords)
Unique "date map" feature to get a quick overview of the entire library and select the period to browse
Manual or automatic slideshow mode
Manage multiple libraries
Send by mail links to the photos you have displayed and to the associated photocasted album
Display the full size pictures
Warning on available updates

Photocast your albums for free
Every Album is automatically photocast (rss feed) without requiring a .mac account
Photocast may be used with iPhoto 6 or any RSS reader for Windows users

Export pictures
Select pictures and download them as a single zip
Import them in an other iPhoto library and keep their captions and comments with the provided applescript

Enforce your privacy
Set different logins with different right access
Web access and photocast albums are both protected (with the same logins)
No direct access to files (all datas is filtered before being delivered)

Standard compliant
RSS 2.0
Web 2.0 - Ajax

Light and fast
Ajax technology used to limit bandwidth usage and get faster responses
No need to have iPhoto running, or even to be logged in
No background process will be installed in your account
WiPhA relies on the iPhoto datas (but doesn't modify them) as much as possible to avoid generating new thumb images
Generated datas are cached and reused.

What's New:
[new] Now handles iPhoto movies too
[new] The number of columns in the thumb page adapts itself to the browser window width
[new] Dramatically speeds up libraries loading by caching data as much as possible (after initial loading)
[new] Photos data (Exif) remain displayed as long as the user doesn't hide them again
[new] Adds a configurable cache size limit by removing the oldest cached images
[new] Adds a check for unsupported iPhoto versions (older than iPhoto 4)
[new] The installer and application helper are now Universal Binaries
[fix] No more refresh issue after the login, logout or library select page (appeared on systems with proxies)
[fix] Fixed the prefetch feature during slideshows (Mozilla family only)
[fix] An url pointing to a specific picture, with the guest login parameter now works if the user is already logged
[fix] WiPhA now keeps working while loading a large picture or a movie in an other window
[fix] Solved some 30s timeout when working on huge libraries (24k+)
[fix] A photocast could fail if some picture title or comment contained forbidden html characters
[fix] Hides the real server file path in the session cookie
[fix] Avoids multiple session cookies to be created on successive login/logout
[fix] Fix bug avoiding to access some (old?) Libraries (don't rely anymore on "Archive Path" which may be null)
[fix] Properly displays a thumb obtained by clicking a wipha link item in a RSS reader
[fix] Displays Exif info when using the "Don't store files in iPhoto" option, and improve the original file search algorithm
Reworked WiPhA and installer icons
Made the guest login more visible for dumb users
The help page opens in a new window
Replaced some ajax calls by using cookies.

  For you, on the server side
iPhoto Library version 4, 5 or 6
Mac OSX 10.4.x (tested)

  For your users (and you as a user)
A W3C compliant web browser with Javascript support enabled (Safari, Firefox, ..., not IE).

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