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MatheAss MatheAss 8.2
One of the most popular Shareware Math Programs in Germany
LARA-A BackUp LARA-A BackUp 0.9
Backup important data to a secondary hard disk or a server using the stand-alone application and/or the screensaver.
BayTime Timesynchronization BayTime Timesynchronization 1.004
BayTime time synchronization and date manager
Alternate Highlight Colors Alternate Highlight Colors 1.0
The Alternate Highlight Colors is a REALbasic module that provides access to the secondary and alternate highlight colors in Mac OS X.
Actual Multiple Monitors Actual Multiple Monitors 8.14.1
Emulate Windows Taskbar on secondary monitors, create Desktop Profiles and more!
Protean Updater Protean Updater 7.0
Protean helps you predict and display patterns, secondary structural characteristics and physicochemical properties of protein sequences via its comprehensive suite of protein analysis tools.
Ultralingua Dictionaries Ultralingua Dictionaries 5.14
Ultralingua is a group of dictionaries for various languages, including technical, literary & slang terms, thousands of idiomatic expressions, contextual indicators, irregular forms and secondary definition features for convenience.
Sequence Analysis Sequence Analysis 1.6
Sequence editing, reverse complement, protein translation, ORF finding, secondary structure, composition, isoelectric point, primer design, pairwise comparison, publish layout, sequence reformatting.
Bedrock BioRhythm Bedrock BioRhythm 1.1
The system of three basic human energy cycles.
Helix Helix 1.2
Helix uses a group of three primary and eight secondary objects, to construct—in an almost unbelievably short time--a practically infinite variety of software applications that most often involve data storage, retrieval and interpretation.

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