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CalcPad X CalcPad X 1.1
CalcPad X is a "word processor" and evaluator for mathematical expressions! CalcPad X lets you type an expression and evaluate it with a single click.
Tensai Tensai 0.92
Tensai is a Japanese language dictionary and study aid for native English speakers, designed for maximum readability and efficiency to make studying less stressful and more fun.
iCPU iCPU 1.1
iCPU is an application that shows your CPU load.
PvLog DeObfuscator Win32 PvLog DeObfuscator Win32 1.3
PvLog Deobfuscator makes more readable obfuscated code.
Appleology Widget Appleology Widget 0.97
Appleology Widgetv was designed to keep all Appleology subscribers up to date via the Dashboard, without the need to open a browser.
CDCheck CDCheck 3.1.14
CDCheck is utility for prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files.
Clipper Clipper 1.1
A simple pasteboard manager that keeps a history of all your copies, so you can go back and pick a later one.
ClearSQL ClearSQL 1.3.1
ClearSQL is a powerful tool for quick syntax checking and formatting PL/SQL code
Shareware Daily Special Daily Special 1.48
Each day a hugely-discounted product from Apple's online store is temporarily made available until it sells out.
FileTiger FileTiger 2.00
FileTiger 2.00 Dual-Window Synchronizer and backup tool for Windows 10