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Note editor for fun Note editor for fun 010
Note editor. Use this game for record and plaing note sound.
TS-MIDI Editor TS-MIDI Editor 1.00
TS-MIDI Editor allows you to correct the results of automatic recognition.
Able MIDI Editor Able MIDI Editor 1.3
Powerful inexpensive piano roll MIDI Editor with precise bar-line arrangement.
NoteFreq NoteFreq 1.0
The Note Frequency calculator Dashboard widget is used to calculate the frequency (in Hertz, or cycles-per-second) of a note based on a note name or a MIDI note number.
Note Editor Note Editor 1.2.2
Note Editor is a notepad application that allows you to write and save random text notes.
Peter's XML editor Peter's XML editor 2.0
XML editor with treeview and source code editor
ScrapBook ScrapBook 1.16
Palm OS note-taking with nested folders, versatile search features, encryption
Note Genie Note Genie 2.1
post it notes and post them to the monitor, the notes are saved
FF1 RAM Editor FF1 RAM Editor 1.0
FF3 RAM Editor enables you to edit save game files form the NES game "Final Fantasy 1".
NotesHolder Lite NotesHolder Lite 2.0
Easy to use quick notes manager.

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