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DuplicatesRemover DuplicatesRemover 2.0
The DuplicatesRemover finds and removes duplicates.
Fuzzy Duplicates Finder for Excel Fuzzy Duplicates Finder for Excel 1.65
This add-in helps you find and remove partial duplicates and typos in Excel.
Deduper for Outlook Deduper for Outlook 3.12
Find and remove all Outlook duplicates
Seek & Destroy Music Duplicates Seek & Destroy Music Duplicates 1.9.8
Seek & Destroy Music Duplicates is a tool for locating and removing duplicated music files.
EZDupeRemover EZDupeRemover 1.21
Intelligent, lightning fast, and handy remover of duplicates in MS Outlook files
Duplicates Finder Duplicates Finder 3.1
Find duplicate lines or words in two files
Freeware Duplicate Remover for Excel Duplicate Remover for Excel 3.1.5
Remove duplicates from Excel list, compare two worksheets for duplicates/uniques
Primitive Duplicate Finder Primitive Duplicate Finder 2.0
Tool for finding and deleting file duplicates by their names, sizes and contents
FuzzyDupes 2012 FuzzyDupes 2012 8.5.3
Fuzzy Duplicate Search in databases and other data sources
FuzzyDupes 2007 FuzzyDupes 2007 5.7.5
Fuzzy Duplicate Search in databases and other data sources

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