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Fool's Lexicon Fool's Lexicon 1.1 Other
Fool's Lexicon is a simple client for the EDICT Japanese dictionary and the CEDICT Chinese dictionaries created by Jim Breen and Paul Denisowski, respectively.
Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge Other
Verry funny, verry easy interface and.
Text ta' See Text ta' See 2.5.3 Other
Text ta' See allows one to search inside text files for up to eight different words/phrases at a time.
Wings Birder's Sofware Wings Birder's Sofware 4.1 Other
Wings is a cross-platform relational database that manages bird records.
Earl's Access Earl's Access 1.0 Other
Earl's Access is a pair of scripts that allows you to keep an address book of frequently-connected-to Shared Libraries in iTunes 4.
Sizzling Classic 45's Sizzling Classic 45's 0.3 Other
Sizzling Classic 45's widget lets our Mac customers stays current with the daily changes in our inventory of classic 45 rpm records.
Tuesday's Coming Tuesday's Coming 1.0 Other
Missing out on new DVD releases because you're so crunked up you don't know what day it is? Now you don't have to think, you can check them out right on your dashboard! Tuesday's Coming keeps you up to date on the new DVD releases this week, next week, and last week.
Rock'n'Roll 2004 Rock'n'Roll 2004 1.0 Other
Rock'n'Roll is not dead.
Cycling '74 M Cycling '74 M 2.6 Other
M is called the Intelligent Composing and Performing System.
What's the date? What's the date? 1.0 Other
What's the date? speaks the full date properly ("Tuesday the ninth of May, two-thousand"), whereas the script included with Speakable Items just says "Tuesday May nine".
Keith's iPod Photo Reader Keith's iPod Photo Reader 1.0 Other
This program serves a very specific and minimally useful purpose, to provide access to the Apple iPod's elusive .
Zik's Utilities Zik's Utilities 1.0 Other
Zik's Utilities software packages allows you to buy a set of our applications at a fraction of their commercial value.
Alex's Encrypt Alex's Encrypt 1.0.1 Other
Alex’s Encrypt is a simple encryption utility that encrypts one file at a time.
Mr. Cat's Quest Mr. Cat's Quest 3.3.1 Other
move - or don't move - or don't 1.2 Other
move - or don't is the perfect AppleScript if you want to keep a folder's window from inadvertently moving from its current location.
Edafe's Stacke Edafe's Stacke 1.0 Other
Stacker stacks windows of all folders contained in volumes or folders dropped onto it to a depth of 10 levels.
Global Finder's Clean Up Global Finder's Clean Up 1.0.1 Other
Global Finder's Clean Up is an user configurable AppleScript utility which aids in keeping your desktop and Finder windows in order.
Cupid's 3D Valentine's Day Screen Saver Cupid's 3D Valentine's Day Screen Saver 1.0 Other
A while back I had a lot of people asking me to make them a nice, sappy Valentine's Day screensaver, but at the time I was busy working on other stuff, so I never got it done.
Stuff'n Crypt Stuff'n Crypt 1.0.1 Other
Mac OS 9's File Encryption utilitites are pretty cool, but you can't encrypt more than one file at once without compressing them.
Matt's Solitaire Matt's Solitaire 2.0.1 Other
Matt's Solitaire it's just the popular card game, written for Mac OS X.
App Switcher: Ted's Prefs App Switcher: Ted's Prefs 1.0 Other
App Switcher: Ted's Prefs is a simple AppleScript written by Ted Delaplaine to put your application switcher in the top right corner of your screen, with the Finder at the top.
Newton's Method Newton's Method 1.0 Other
Newton's Method enables you to find the real solutions of f(x) = 0 for a real function f(x).
MeD's Movie Manager MeD's Movie Manager 2.31 Other
MeD's Movie Manager is a simple to use, yet customizable, movie manager.
Type 'n' Tawk Type 'n' Tawk 2.0.3 Other
Type 'n' Tawk is a simple application useful primarily for beginning typists who want to practice their drills with immediate aural feedback.
Ben's Game Ben's Game r1 Other
Ben's Game is a game about fighting cancer.