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Indigo Terminal Emulator Indigo Terminal Emulator 3.0.161
Indigo Terminal Emulator - Advanced telnet, serial, SSH terminal software
Indigator Indigator 1.0
Indigator is a Konfabulator Widget that gives you an attractive remote front-end for controlling Indigo.
Indigo/Phlink Scripts Indigo/Phlink Scripts 1.1
The Indigo/Phlink Scripts integrate the Phlink telephony product with the Indigo home control server by dynamically building and speaking a menu of options over the phone, based on your home control setup.
Indigo/Salling Clicker Scripts Indigo/Salling Clicker Scripts 2.0b
Indigo/Salling Clicker Scripts let you change and view the on, off, and brightness state of X10 devices, as well as execute command sequences (Action Groups) from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or PDA.
IndigoWidget IndigoWidget 1.1.1
Interfaces via Perceptive Automationís Indigo home automation software to control the lamps, appliances and devices in your home.
Xtrol Xtrol 1.0a
Xtrol is a Konfabulator widget that allows control of a single X-10 enabled device by talking to Indigo home automation software.
Web PHP Interface Web PHP Interface 1.0
The Web PHP Interface AppleScripts along with Mac OS X's Personal File Sharing (Apache web server), give you a web front-end for controlling Indigo via PHP.
IndigoWeb IndigoWeb 1.0
IndigoWeb is a PHP front-end to controlling the Indigo Home Automation software.
Indigo Indigo 2.0
Indigo is a home control server that integrates X10 hardware devices.
Web ACGI Interface Web ACGI Interface 1.0
The Web ACGI Interface script, along with the ACGI Dispatcher Application and Mac OS X's Personal File Sharing (Apache web server), gives you a web front-end for controlling Indigo.

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