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Fortune-zh Fortune-zh 0.1
Fortune-zh_osx brings Chinese Tang and Song dynasties poems to the old fortune game in Chinese.
Fortune Cookie Fortune Cookie 1.0
Fortune Cookie is an AppleScript to copy fortunes from the free BSD system into the clipboard or as a signature in Entourage.
Fortune Puzzles Fortune Puzzles 1.2
Solve the puzzles and Madame Murghi will appear from the murky depths to tell your fortune.
MagikFortune Editor MagikFortune Editor 2.1.1
Create you own MagikFortune fortune archives full of fun and witty sayings.
Telling Time Telling Time v1.1
Great little game to teach your child all about clocks and telling the time
Cocoa Fortune Cocoa Fortune 1.40
Cocoa Fortune is a Cocoa wrapper for the infamous UNIX command fortune.
MagikFortune MagikFortune 2.1.1
Animated characters speak witty fortunes.
MacFortune MacFortune 2.0
MacFortune is a GUI version of the Unix fortune command, it displays a random quote a window.
BabyMaker BabyMaker 1.7
Don't wait for nine months to see your baby! All you need is two pictures.
gstarotdemo.exe gstarotdemo.exe 1.2
Software Tarot readings, featuring 6 different spreads, full interpretation!

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