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fwe:refresh fwe:refresh 0.9
fwe:refresh is a finder window extension - an extra button in your toolbar - to refresh the content of your current finder window.
TarrowE Key TarrowE Key 1.1
TarrowE Key is a tiny system extension for Mac OS that enhances usability of key typing in dialogs, Finder and so on.
CloseDoc CloseDoc 1.0.2
CloseDoc is a free system extension that allows you to close OpenDoc documents the way you were used to, i.
Decompile AppleScripts to Text Files Decompile AppleScripts to Text Files 1.0
Decompile AppleScripts to Text Files can be used as a droplet.
A Better Finder Rename A Better Finder Rename 10.28
Powerful file, photo, and MP3 batch renamer with advanced features.
PHP serial extension PHP serial extension 20160108.1
PHP extension for serial communications
Shellsilver Shellsilver 1.4
Shellsilver allows you to execute UNIX shell scripts from the Finder.
A Better Finder Info A Better Finder Info 1.1.1
A Better Finder Info is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder, which supplements the Finder's "Get Info.
FileUtilsCM X FileUtilsCM X 1.7.2
FileUtilsCM is a contextual menu plug-in for setting different file or folder attributes.
Finder Flags Finder Flags 2.0
Finder Flags is a CodeWarrior plugin which allows you to set the Finder flags of the build output.

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