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Fantazm Fantazm 1.04
FANTAZM is an incredible new set of tools from DigiEffects for motion graphics and compositing creativity.
OldMovie OldMovie 1.31n
PhotoShop plug-in for generating worn & torn photos and movies.
Berserk Berserk 1.10
Berserk is a pack of 20 award-winning special effects plug-ins including StarField, FogBank, VanGoughist and Laser.
Aurorix Aurorix 2.10
Aurorix is a set of updated 26 cool special effects filters including AgedFilm 2, VideoLook 2, Earthquake 2 and Turbulent Flow 2.
Euphoria Euphoria 1.7
Web Euphoria contains 20 special effects plugins for Photoshop, includes tools for creating artistic effect as well as naturalistic phenomenon with particle-based fire, smoke and rain.
CineMotion CineMotion 1.12
CineMotion is a set of 10 plug-ins for After Effects MacOS that allows you to take any video footage (SVHS, Hi-8, Beta, DV-Cam) and make it move like film with advanced control over 3:2 pulldown, reduce or enhance grain, diminish interlace flicker, create film-aspect ratios, perform posterization effects and lessen color banding artifacts.
CineLook CineLook 2.2
CineLook makes your video look like film using revolutionary new technology.
Delirium Delirium 1.10
Delirium is a set of more than 46+ Amazing plug-ins for After Effects! The plugins included in this package are: DE Bubbles DE Camera Shake DE Channel Delay DE COP Blur DE Day for Night DE Electrical Arcs DE Fairy Dust DE Film Flash DE Fire DE FireWorks DE Flicker and Strobe DE Flow Motion DE Fog Factory DE Framing Gradients DE Glower DE Grayscaler DE HLS Displace DE HyperHarmonizer DE Lens Flares DE LooseSprockets DE MultiGradient DE Muzzle Flash DE Nexus DE Puffy Clouds DE RainFall DE Retinal Bloom DE Schematic Grids DE ShowChannels DE Sketchist DE Smoke DE SnowStorm DE Solarize DE Sparks DE Specular Lighting DE Thermograph DE Turbulent Noise DE VideoMalfunction DE Visual Harmonizer DE Wave Displace Tilt 3D Tools.